Hemorrhoid Massage with an Anal Toy is for real.  And patented.

That statement sounds strange, doesn’t it?  An anal toy that you insert knowing you have hemroids.  How can that be true?

First, if you are anal-phobic, you will need to get over it.  Men are the worst, equating any type of anal sex as a “gay marker”.  But that is changing, with women finding that they enjoy the role-play game of “pegging”, or using a strap on to have intercourse with their male partner.  And guys are coming around to it as part of safe experimentation, and finding that when done correctly, it can be quite enjoyable.

Second, regardless of whether you have hemroids or not, the insertion of any anal toy takes patience, relaxation, and lots of lubrication.  It is preferable if you put lube on your finger and push it into your anal canal past the hemroid; or better still would be to use a lube pusher to help the lube get all the way in, coating your anal canal.

Third, the type of lube you choose can make a difference in the feelings, regardless of whether you suffer from hemorrhoids or not.  For example, if the lube you choose has “glycerin”, using too much will cause you to need to use the toilet.  Gylcerin is often prescribed as an emema to stimulate a bowel movement.

You will notice that most lubes are promoting themselves as “glycerin free”.

hemroid massage with anal toy

Fourth, there are two main manufacturers that sell hemorrhoid massage toys.  The one we sell is the Aneros Peridise.  By the way, hemorrhoid massage is patented!  

There are multiple sizes available, and many customers claim the smaller toy is the best.  There are multiple ripple points on the top designed to stimulate your hemroid.

To use:  It is best if you have had a bowel movement.  If not, use an anal syringe and pump a small amount of soapy water into your anus.  Let that sit, and then allow yourself to have a comfortable bowel movement.

To insert the toy, most beginners lie on their side, with the top knee all the way to the chest.  There are many other positions, and each user will find what is most comfortable with use.

If you are not using an anal shooter for pre-lubrication, then coat the anal toy in lube, and slowly push into your anus, gently pulling back, but not removing it, and slowly pushing it back in, adding lube to your anal canal.  You want it to glide on lube and not rub on skin.

Relax your anus, breathe deep.  Do not squeeze your muscles (the muscles that you use to stop your flow of pee).  Slowly insert the peridise just past the first ripple.  Squeeze the muscle hard and your body will pull the Peridise deeper.  If it doesn’t slide further into your anus, gently push it past the next ripple.  Continue as needed until the toy is inserted. 

Rest, and allow your body to adjust to the item in your anus.  Breath deeply.  You might feel a gentle twitch in your anus, and you might find the toy moving by itself.  If that happens, be happy, it is what we are seeking.

Once fully inserted, begin squeezing your pee muscle; trying different variations of hard long squeezes and short faster squeezes.  The goal is to get the toy to move slightly in and then out with each contraction.  

Continue to do this on a regular basis for relief of your hemroids.  If however, you have a major hemroid flare-up, do not use the toy until the flare-up has subsided.

Although the official, patented medical side of this hemroids massage does not mention sexual pleasure, you can also keep the toy in your anus during intercourse or other sexual acts and experience more intense orgasms from having an anal toy in place.  Many users have discovered the two-fold use of this anal toy.

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