– It is possible to cure hemorrhoid in any stage, as always the earlier you consult the doctor, the more likely you can avoid surgical hemorrhoid treatment and hospitalization.

– For the exact diagnostics of a hemorrhoid it’s not enough to make a simple examination and manual research. The doctor should make an anoscopy or proctosigmoidoscope.

– If you have a rectal bleeding, do not hasten to think of hemorrhoid – consult the proctologist for inspection first. A source of bleeding should be established immediately.

The basic treatments:

Hemorrhoid treatment is possible in any stage. Only the techniques applied during treatment can be differ.

– For treatment of the internal, external and combined hemorrhoid in an initial stage of it’s development (1 stage) in most cases correctly appointed conservative therapy is sufficient. When bleeding internal hemorroids of 1 stage infra-red coagulation is often needed.

– When an internal hemorrhoid of 2nd stage, depending on a structure and sizes of hemorrhoidal units, either infra-red coagulation or a ligation by latex rings.

– When an internal hemorrhoid of 3 stages with abaissement of hemorrhoidal units the ligation by latex rings is needed.

– At the internal, external, combined hemorrhoid of 4 stages surgical treatment(hemorrhoidectomy) can be done.

– External hemorroids treatment (a clottage of external hemorrhoidal unit) is the following:

o Conservative therapy – in most cases;

o A thrombectomy – excision of a thrombus (a clot of a venous blood). The thrombectomy is a cut of the thrombosed unit and excision of a thrombus through it. Mostly done when there are large units that deliver the patient a strong dyscomfort, and conservative therapy is noneffective or can take too much time. The given procedure does not demand hospitalization;

o Excising of an external hemorrhoidal unit – the procedure allows to remove the clottage reason – external hemorrhoidal unit. It is the most effective technique of an external hemorroids treatment as allows to get rid in the subsequent of periodically arising exacerbations;

o Excising of external unit is done when an acute clottage and conservative therapy is noneffective, or the thrombosed unit delivers a strong dyscomfort. In overwhelming majority of cases the given procedure is made in out-patient conditions, under local anesthesia and does not demand hospitalization.

Other methods of treatment of a hemorrhoid, such as cryotherapy, monopolar coagulation, bipolar coagulation, laser coagulation either little applied in a medical practice, or are less effective, or are expensive enough.

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