Thrombosed External Hemorroids

Thrombosed external hemorroids are those that occur outside of the anal verge (the distal end of the anal canal). They are usually painful, and are often accompanied by pruritus ani or an itching, swelling, and burning sensation. If the vein ruptures and a blood clot develops, the hemorrhoid becomes a thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

The set of veins just about the anus causes problems when blood clots form in them, and they turn into large and painful. (These are called thrombosed external hemorroids.) You could note bleeding and a tender lump on the edge of the anus.

Bleeding starts when the swollen veins are hurt or broken by straining or rubbing. People who have external hemorroids may experience itching at the anus too. This might outcome from draining mucus and irritation caused by too much rubbing or cleaning of the anus.

One thought on “Thrombosed External Hemorroids

  1. Monik

    Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the lower large intestine. The veins which return blood back from the area can’t do so well because the colon is full of hard stool which is putting pressure on them. Then you strain to pass the stool, and that increases the pressure on them even more. Eventually they will expand to try to stay clear, and there’s just not enough room to do it without bogging down and out through the intestinal wall. You get rid of them by changing your diet and toilet habits to start with. You must eat whole grains, fruits and veggies, less red meat and refined flour products-i.e. white bread and pasta. You need more fiber in your diet so you aren’t constipated, at all, ever. You don’t strain to pass the stool. If you can’t have a bowel movement, then you may need a stool softener or mild laxative to get things moving. I suggest you start with Ducolax, or Sennakot, which are mild but effective. You can also use the drinkable fiber mixes you add to water and drink once a day. If you have troubles with bleeding, then you may need a doctor’s help at this point to remove them. You won’t much care for that procedure, though- so I suggest committing yourself to the diet changes. The Prep H is only to relieve symptoms, it won’t do a thing to attack the cause. That’s your diet. You can also use cold witch hazel pads- things like Tucks, or plain witch hazel on a cotton pad. Keep them in the fridge to put out the fire. You can also soak your tushie in cool water with witch hazel added in as well. Use wet wipes with aloe for personal cleaning, baby wipes are nice for the purpose. Considering your pain, I still think a trip to the doctor is in order. You may be too far gone for diet alone to help. Regardless of what the doctor does though, you need to change your diet. Otherwise they will just return again.


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