Signs and Symptoms Of Hemroids

Pathognomonic symptoms of an external hemroids are the pain, a protrusion of units and bleeding which usually develops after or during defecation and often leads to an appreciable loss of blood and anemia. In most cases of hemorrhoidal bleeding, one notice traces of a blood on toilet paper.

The exacerbation of an external hemorroids is always to some extent morbid. The ulceration or a clottage of units can cause a bad pain. Very strong painful syndromes develops with the special form of disease – an acute attack of a hemorroids, which is the infringement of sharply hydropic or thrombosed hemorrhoidal units.

The clottage of an external hemorroid can lead to a protrusion of peri-anal area and the characteristic sensation of an “alien body” in an ano-rectal zone and, in some rare cases is complicated by a gangrene of hemorrhoidal units.

Decompensation of an internal hemorroids is in most cases less morbid, than in the case of the external hemorroids. The sensation of an incomplete defecation or its impossibility is typical for internal hemorroids. The feeling of completeness in a rectum, a syndrome of the “laced up” rectum is also characteristic.

With the internal hemorroids, it’s also possible to obtain a slime or pus during defecation. The III and IV internal hemorroids stages can become complicated by a clottage, an ulceration and gangrene of set or restrained hemorrhoidal units, that is accompanied by an intensifying of pain, and the occurrence of signs of systemic intoxication and/or a fever. If frequent relapses occur, the damage to the internal sphincter of the rectum and incontinence of feces can be generated.

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