Nekoosa has been private equity owned since 2005 and built an energized culture focused on growth, employee development and market leadership. With a history rooted in quality and innovation, one constant that has not changed is Nekoosa’s desire to provide unsurpassed customer service and value to our employees, customers and shareholders; embracing our core values of being Respectful, remaining Accountable and striving to be Different.

One Nekoosa

What makes us different?

  • A leadership and culture that value our team, our customers and our partners
  • Four locations throughout the United States, including: Nekoosa, Wisconsin; Plainfield, New Jersey; Lakewood, New Jersey and Las Vegas, Nevada - in addition to our partner, the iC Group in Aalter, Belgium
  • A constant drive to develop innovative products and programs in order to help merchants thrive in the digital printing age

What is 'One Nekoosa?'

As Nekoosa has grown over the years, acquiring companies such as RTape, Catalina Graphic Films, Mojave Digital Media and CET Films, we've expanded our portfolio of products and evolved with the times. As a result, the 'One Nekoosa' movement is an initiative put in place to consolidate processes, streamline ordering into one electronic system and shift internal team members and external customer's mindsets into viewing each of these companies as one entity - 'One Nekoosa.'

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