Internal hemorroids Symptoms And Cure

The internal hemorroids arise inside of an anus under its mucous. The internal hemorroids are usually not so painful, as veins settle down in the anus far from the nerve endings.

The most frequent sign is a painless bleeding during defecation. In this case, even if nothing is disturbing, it is necessary to immediately consult the proctologist as release of blood from a rectum can be a sign not only a hemorroids, but also an anal fissure, or cancer.

The internal hemorroids can be accompanied by a strong pain, if the hemorrhoid ball completely drops out of an anus and is not pushed back.

In some cases, internal hemorroids that have fallen outside of the anus (prolapsed), or that bleed too much, must be removed. Your doctor may be able to remove them during an outpatient visit to his office or to the hospital.

A number of methods in addition to the common surgery with a scalpel can be used to remove or reduce the size of hemorroids. The surgeon may decide to use a technique when a rubber band is put around the base of the hemorrhoid. The band cuts off circulation, and the hemorrhoid withers away within a few days. This method is used just for internal hemorroids.

Rubber band ligation is the most popular way of treatment for internal hemorroids because it causes comparatively little pain through the procedure and does not need anesthesia.

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