Carbonless Paper


Forgo messy, time consuming ink methods and choose to use Nekoosa’s Identifier™ Inkless Biometric Identification System.

Product Information
  • Produce dark, crisp, permanent images without ink
  • Two-step process yields consistent, high-quality prints for scanning
  • No mess, no clean-up and no sacrifice in quality
  • Recognized as a superior biometric identification system
  • Custom, full color forms available upon request
  • Custom birth certificates
  • Crime scene prints
  • "In Memory" certificates
  • Jewelry prints
  • Clay keepsakes
  • Animal prints

Inkless™ Biometric Identification System

The special coating on the form produces a crisp permanent image almost immediately while the baby’s foot stays clean and dry. There is no mess and no added steps to clean the baby’s foot with chemicals after the print is taken.

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