Hemorroids Treatment Guide

logo.giflogo According to the World organization of public health 70 % of the population of globe are genetically predisposed to occurrence of a varicose phlebectasia (and one of its forms – hemorroids).

And even though “Hemorroids” is the most common spelling for the problem, the correct way to spell the word is “hemorrhoids“.  But about 70% of us spell it wrong most of the time!

Hemorrhoids represent a varicose phlebectasia of the anal channel. Blood vessels constantly are under enough greater overpressure of a blood, and this pressure is constrained with walls of vessels, the rigidity of which is defined by a degree of development of a connecting tissue, mainly rigid and not extensible fiber of a collagen.

Hemorroids arise only in people with hereditary predisposition to this disease. At a natural underdevelopment of a connecting tissue of a wall of vessels in places with the most weak connecting tissue can not maintain pressure of a blood and start to be thinned. The degree of development of a connecting tissue is defined only genetically and does not give in to radical change (or training).

Therefore, one person can have a varicose phlebectasia, and others cannot. If the person has a genetic predilection to a hemorroids they will be inevitably more likely to suffer.  People inclined to hemorrhoids find that the condition can be aggravated with a sedentary way of life, with frequent or chronic constipation, or with the regular ingestion of alcohol and spicy food.

The reasons for the occurrence of a hemorroids, also can be the various illnesses decreasing outflow of blood from organs of the small basin, organs of an abdominal cavity (chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, disease of the intestine, gynecologic problems etc.).

Hemorroids arises at 80 % of women toward the end of pregnancy or after it, and also in people inclined to hemorrhoids, which labour activity is bound to include serious exercise stress.

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