logo.giflogo According to the World organization of public health 70 % of the population of globe are genetically predisposed to occurrence of a varicose phlebectasia (and one of its forms – hemorroids).

And even though “Hemorroids” is the most common spelling for the problem, the correct way to spell the word is “hemorrhoids“.  But about 70% of us spell it wrong most of the time!

Hemorrhoids represent a varicose phlebectasia of the anal channel. Blood vessels constantly are under enough greater overpressure of a blood, and this pressure is constrained with walls of vessels, the rigidity of which is defined by a degree of development of a connecting tissue, mainly rigid and not extensible fiber of a collagen.

Hemorroids arise only in people with hereditary predisposition to this disease. At a natural underdevelopment of a connecting tissue of a wall of vessels in places with the most weak connecting tissue can not maintain pressure of a blood and start to be thinned. The degree of development of a connecting tissue is defined only genetically and does not give in to radical change (or training).

Therefore, one person can have a varicose phlebectasia, and others cannot. If the person has a genetic predilection to a hemorroids they will be inevitably more likely to suffer.  People inclined to hemorrhoids find that the condition can be aggravated with a sedentary way of life, with frequent or chronic constipation, or with the regular ingestion of alcohol and spicy food.

The reasons for the occurrence of a hemorroids, also can be the various illnesses decreasing outflow of blood from organs of the small basin, organs of an abdominal cavity (chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, disease of the intestine, gynecologic problems etc.).

Hemorroids arises at 80 % of women toward the end of pregnancy or after it, and also in people inclined to hemorrhoids, which labour activity is bound to include serious exercise stress.

Hemroid Massage with an Anal Toy is for real.  And patented.

That statement sounds strange, doesn't it?  An anal toy that you insert knowing you have hemroids.  How can that be true?

First, if you are anal-phobic, you will need to get over it.  Men are the worst, equating any type of anal sex as a "gay marker".  But that is changing, with women finding that they enjoy the role-play game of "pegging", or using a […] Continue Reading…

External Hemorroids “popping out”.  Usually occur after pushing during defecation, you can feel them outside of the body.  USUALLY not painful, and can push them back in after defecation.  If you suffer with externals, you will find that they get “triggered” by unknown aggravators and will appear at will.

Hemorrhoidectomy – the golden standard of hemorroids treatment of the 4th stage, and also at a clottage of the dropped out hemorrhoidal units. Hemorrhoidectomy is also done to patients with hemorroids of 3d stage with a greater hemorrhoidal units.
At this intervention the site of a peri-anal skin and the mucous rectum is selected, located above hemorrhoidal unit which is ligated and crossed. Subsequently there is a bracing of a mucosa of a rectum to […] Continue Reading…

There are a number of over the counter creams that can be purchased to relieve some of the pressure and aggravation of hemorrhoids.

One prescription medicine that was prescribed to me before was “Reparil Gel N”.
HYDROCORTISONE CREAMS are also quite effective in reducing the itch caused by hemorrhoids.


– It is possible to cure hemorrhoid in any stage, as always the earlier you consult the doctor, the more likely you can avoid surgical hemorrhoid treatment and hospitalization.

– For the exact diagnostics of a hemorrhoid it’s not enough to make a simple examination and manual research. The doctor should make an anoscopy or proctosigmoidoscope.

– If you have a rectal bleeding, do not hasten to think of hemorrhoid – consult the proctologist for inspection […] Continue Reading…

Thrombosed external hemorroids are those that occur outside of the anal verge (the distal end of the anal canal). They are usually painful, and are often accompanied by pruritus ani or an itching, swelling, and burning sensation. If the vein ruptures and a blood clot develops, the hemorrhoid becomes a thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

The set of veins just about the anus causes problems when blood clots form in them, and they turn into large and […] Continue Reading…

Hemorroids in women becomes aggravated mainly during the pregnancy and in childbirth. In women who have not given birth yet the hemorroids occurs 5 times less often, than at those who gave birth even once.
An age factor plays the important role in pregnancy hemorroids: after 30 years hemroids occur 3 times more often, than at pregnancy in 20 years. Pregnancy, not being the basic pathogenic factor of a hemorroids, often aggravates its clinical effect. […] Continue Reading…

The internal hemorroids arise inside of an anus under its mucous. The internal hemorroids are usually not so painful, as veins settle down in the anus far from the nerve endings.

The most frequent sign is a painless bleeding during defecation. In this case, even if nothing is disturbing, it is necessary to immediately consult the proctologist as release of blood from a rectum can be a sign not only a hemorroids, but also an […] Continue Reading…

Pathognomonic symptoms of an external hemroids are the pain, a protrusion of units and bleeding which usually develops after or during defecation and often leads to an appreciable loss of blood and anemia. In most cases of hemorrhoidal bleeding, one notice traces of a blood on toilet paper.

The exacerbation of an external hemorroids is always to some extent morbid. The ulceration or a clottage of units can cause a bad pain. Very strong painful […] Continue Reading…